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THE FAMILY COURT PROJECT HAS COME TO A CLOSE. Effective 6/1/08, Family Court Chronicles has become inactive (announcement), and no new information will be added. The page below is retained for archive purposes, but it could be out of date. Upon request, the webmaster will continue to correct significant errors and will consider removing information that is destructively obsolete. (Email: FamilyCourtGuy (at) See Glenn Campbell's home page for his still-active websites.
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Obsolete Page

This is one of many documents that we have "abandoned," at least for the time being. It may not be finished, and the information may be out of date. Any opinions expressed may not reflect our current thinking right now. We have left this document here for whatever use you may get from it, but we haven't had time to refine or support it.

Chronicle #?:
A Morgue for Romance

Nevada 8th Judicial District Court, Family Division
Department ?, Courtrooms 1
[Nickname pending]

As discussed in earlier chronicles [not yet written], part of the job of Judges Voy and Compan is the scare the bejesus out of wayward youths in an often futile attempt to get them back on the straight and narrow. One of the tools at their disposal is the Coroner's Tour.¹ As part of his or her sentencing, a young miscreant may be required to visit the county morgue to show them the ultimate effects of drunk driving, drug abuse and violence. It is hoped that seeing dead bodies on the slab will change a kid's perspective on the value of life. It is sincerely not hoped that they will think the tour is "cool" and want to bring their friends, as though this were the Halloween Fright Dome at Circus-Circus

You can call me an idealist and a dreamer, but I would like to see a similar program created for young people contemplating romance. Love isn't a lark or a thrill. It's not something you can take lightly like some romp in the daisies. Love is serious business, and it can turn ugly real fast. The first stop on my tour would be Courtroom 1, the domestic violence unit. This is where Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs) are issued at the request of one or both parties in a failed relationship. Love has turned to violence, or at least the allegation of violence, and the same passion that drew people together is now blowing them apart.

When you think of domestic violence, you may have a stereotypical image of a rough, abusive man and a weak, innocent woman who needs to be protected from him, but that's too simplistic. The man and woman form a system, and it can be hard to assign either party to a "good" or "bad" category. Although the male half is more likely to be the physical aggressor, the female half is rarely innocent. At the least, she allowed herself to be blinded by love. At worst, she is an aggressor herself and may be using the TPO system as a weapon against her former flame. It can be a messy situation, which of course makes for great theatre.

[To be continued.]


¹Deterrence program teaches grim lessons (Las Vegas Sun on Coroner's Tour)

²Fright Dome

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