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THE FAMILY COURT PROJECT HAS COME TO A CLOSE. Effective 6/1/08, Family Court Chronicles has become inactive (announcement), and no new information will be added. The page below is retained for archive purposes, but it could be out of date. Upon request, the webmaster will continue to correct significant errors and will consider removing information that is destructively obsolete. (Email: FamilyCourtGuy (at) See Glenn Campbell's home page for his still-active websites.
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Statutes and Case Law

"Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony." —M. Python

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it."Henry David Thoreau

"For every ten people who are clipping at the branches of evil, you're lucky to find one who's hacking at the roots." —Henry David Thoreau

This page (always under construction) explores statutes and case law regarding child welfare in Nevada. This page has been abandoned for the time being, but we may come back to it later.

Disclaimer: All discussions and interpretations of law are those of the webmaster, who has no legal training. Trust them only at your peril! (Come to think of it, we wouldn't trust most lawyers, either.)

The processes of child protection, foster care, juvenile justice and divorce in Las Vegas are governed by written state law, called the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). NRS is similar in substance to the laws of other states (in part because every state must comply with Federal law), although it can differ in detail. NRS is the Bible of the Family Services Center: Nearly everything done here is ultimately empowered or constrained by these rules. Where the Federal government has its own rules and laws, these are usually complied with by incorporating them into NRS. (There is very little discussion of federal law in Family Court, except to resolve vagueries in NRS.) The city and county may have their own ordinances, but nearly everything that takes place in this courthouse is governed by state law.

Below are some relevent sections of Nevada law. The links provided lead to the statute on a state website. However, some important information is missing from that website: case law. These are the rulings of appeals courts (mainly the Nevada Supreme Court) that help resolve vagueries in the written law. Nevada residents can find the relevant case law in the printed volumes of NRS that are found in most public libraries.


Chapter 432B defines the structure and operation of child protective services. Section 424 governs the licensing of foster homes.

Section 128 describes the steps necessary to terminate parental rights.

Section 127 governs adoption.

Section 432 describes the structure of child welfare services.

Juvenile Justice

Sections 62 through 63.

Minor Relevance

Section 432A governs the administration of day care centers and summer camps, but it may also apply to Child Haven.

Section 423 governs the operation of "Children's Homes". This section appears moot, applying only to two state orphanages that no longer exist. Does any of this apply to Child Haven?

Supreme Court Rules

Part IV of the Nevada Supreme Court Rules governs the access of electronic media to court proceedings. 72 hours notice and permission of the judge is required to the court before any proceedings can be recorded or broadcast. I assume that this restriction does not apply to print media.

A current calendar of media outlets that have obtain this permission is found here. This calendar is an excellent guide to the criminal cases that are currently "hot" at the moment.

Rule 246 Governs the use of tape recorders by reporters for transcription purposes.

District Court Rules

District Court Rules (PDF) govern the procedures of this specific court (the 8th) and govern such things as filing procedures and assignment of cases.

Out-of-State Law

Law and practices in other states can sometimes be helpful in evaluating Nevada. Here are some useful links we have encountered.

Because this website has been frozen, reader comments can no longer be added to this page (effective 8/3/09). If you feel that an existing comment is damaging or inappropriate, feel free to contact the webmaster regarding its removal: familycourtguy (at)

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