Printed newsletters distributed at the Family Court. All are written by Glenn Campbell and should be printed on double-sided 8.5 x 11" canary (yellow) paper. (You could call them "yellow journalism.") Most of the below are PDF files requiring Adobe Acrobat or equivalent.

Latest newsletters are listed first. See below for text listing.

#46: The New Communist Threat, 5/19/08 #45: When Love Ends but the Marriage Doesn't, 5/12/08 #44: The Problem of Creeping Commitment 5/5/08 #43: Charles & Diana's Wedding Disaster 4/28/08 #42: Teenage Insanity Explained At Last! 4/21/08 #41: Divorce Tsunami Heading This Way! 4/14/08 #40: Secret Government Exposed! 4/8/08 #39: The Perfect Storm 3/31/08 #38: Safe House Seduction 3/24/08 #37: They're killing us with safety! 3/17/08 #36: The Real Del Vecchio Damage 3/10/08 #35: Words Don't Work 3/3/08 #34: Road Rage! 2/27/08 #33: Democracy Run Amok! 2/25/08 #32: No New Taxes? 2/19/08 #31: Review-Journal Sux!, 2/13/08 #30: Coroner's Program Ineffective?, 1/14/08 #29: Fasten Your Seat Belts, 12/10/07 #28: Hardcastle, 7/16/07 #27: Certification Nightmare, 7/11/07 #26: Jensen for Family Court Administrator, 7/2/07 BLACKLISTED, 6/25/07 Guaranteed Lifetime Employment, 5/25/07 The Case of the Missing Mutt, 4/13/07 You're an Addict, 3/29/07 Children Swept Under the Carpet, 3/19/07 IT'S ALIVE!, 3/9/07 Hiltz Goes Global, 3/1/07 Love is in the Air, 2/14/07 SMOKING KILLS BRAIN CELLS, 2/6/07 Barbara Buckley: PURE EVIL... The Sequel, 1/16/07 Evil Explained, 12/4/06 One Tiny Moment, 11/27/06 A Wee Little Problem with the Plan, 11/22/06 Revenge of the God Squad, 11/13/06 Lawyers Can Be Saved, 10/30/06 The Crash is Near, 10/23/06 #10: Ban Gay Marriage I Will Blow Up Family Court Help Wanted Commissioners Replaced by Robot Clones Earth to Judges! What the Heck, Why Not? Why Not Wayne Newton? Wake Up, People! Pure Evil Witchhunt! Send in the Clowns

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