Ex-Wife Responds

(Audio file will play in background.) When I wrote The Trauma of the Family Court Guy, I was hoping that my ex-wife wouldn't see it. Unfortunately, this morning (8/29/06) I got an an angry call from her demanding that I remove this page from my website. She called about ten times between 7am and 9am, but after the first call, I stopped answering. She left me three voice messages, however, and I have decided to post them here.

Her three unedited messages (about 2 minutes total) should play automatically in the background in this page. If you don't hear them within a minute, you can try playing the WindowsMedia sound file here. Since the sound quality is poor, a transcript is below.

My natural inclination is to do whatever I can to keep the peace with her, including suppressing my own viewpoint and interests, which I did for most of our marriage. Previously, when my ex-wife has ordered me to remove specific things from my website, I have eventually complied. At stake is the stability of both her and the people who depend on her. At this point, however, I feel that I need to hold the line. The trauma that turned me into the Family Court Guy is an essential part of my public story, and I can no longer keep it hidden.

I now feel that I am a public representative for everyone who has been through the kind of difficulties I have. Problems like mine are everywhere, in millions of marriages and divorces, but most people have no previous experiences to refer to. I feel that my own traumas must be dealt with openly to help those who are going through the same thing. My ex-wife's household may be disrupted, but I think other families will be helped by my choosing openness over secrecy.




    You are wrong. You are very illusional(?) in doing this to me. There is no reason to protect fucking lies up there... So I have time now. You know what, I'm not fucking crazy. I've made my way. I've moved cross the fucking United States. I've fucking bought me house. I've got me a new career. I passed my state exam with a 96. I'm not fucking crazy. You're the son-of-a-bitch who's crazy, and I'm going to sue you for everything you fucking got left and everything you got in the future because you are ruining my reputation.


    This is not right at all. You think I still don't got pull in Vegas? You think I don't got friends there? You better be careful buddy. You better keep an eye on your back every fucking minute of the day.


    If I'm the one that's crazy, Glenn, instead of you, then why did I get to see Patricia while I was in Vegas and you haven't. Fuck you.

    You know, I just talked to your parents. And I'm going to call them every single day until you take that crap offline. And I'm going to call Judge Hardcastle next. And then I'm going to call anybody that I can and tell them who the crazy one is, because you are wrong. You're breaking the law. I was never diagnosed with borderline personality or anything else like that, only depression, which a lot of people have. I fucking... You know what, I have made my way. I'm not fucking crazy. And you better take it offline. Due to this thing that happened with S——, I've become friends with this cop, and you know what he does? Internet crime. You better take it off. And you're going to hear from me constantly until you do. And you're going to hear from my lawyer until you do. And you need to pay me that seven thousand dollars that you owe me from March until September that you owe me a thousand dollars a month. Because buddy I'm going after you to town(?) for every fucking dime that you owe me you're going to pay me back, plus you're going to pay me for, for hurting my life.
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